5 Proven Ways Online Mockups Help Emails Stand Out

May 19th 2023
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Presentation is key when winning pitches. It’s what email design revolves around. When people open your email, something should grab their attention and keep them there. Plain text and statements like ‘get our new product today’ won’t really work if the recipient cannot visualize your offer. 

You spend some time working on a captivating email headline. Then, finally, it’s a success – people are opening your emails. But what happens when the actual message is not engaging? People close it without converting; some will even unsubscribe if you don’t offer them quality content. 

When it comes to email design, visual content is a crucial element of it. Visual information is processed 60 thousand times faster than content in written format. Therefore, you need to insert something in your pitch that will trigger an action from the recipient. And what better way to do this than actually showing them your products?

This is where online mockups come in handy. If you want to make your messages more engaging, an online mockup tool can help you create a perfect visual version of your offering. Not just that, but mockups can also help you tweak your logo, create impressive labels, and even show the recipient what your product packaging will look like. 

In this article, we’ll tell you why mockups are a smart choice for your email marketing strategy and give you some ideas on how to use them to stand out in the inbox. 

What’s an online mockup and how it’s used

A mockup is a representation of a service, product, or design. It is often used to help marketers visualize how their product will look before they invest money and other resources into creating the actual, tangible version. However, when done through tools and programs, this can be made into a very real, editable, and presentable mockup. 

Mockups aren’t just used to showcase product packaging to businesses or investors before deciding to invest. They are also used to impress potential customers, test the waters, and see if the idea is good to begin with. 

When used in marketing, a mockup can show the audience what a newly developed product will look like, how it will be packaged, and what it will offer. Imagine that in your emails – a full representation of your latest offerings even before you have a tangible version to send out. 

Ways to use online mockups in your emails

Mockups are primarily used to impress investors and to help designers make some tweaks before they convert the idea into an actual product or design. But how can you use mockups to appeal to your audience?

Here are a few practical ideas:

  • better employee scheduling
  • successfully targeted emails
  • enrich your preorder campaign
  • test your new design or label
  • strengthen your brand’s image

Want to learn more? Let’s delve into these.

1. Mockups for better employee scheduling

Employers often struggle with organizing their staffing schedule and often require Deputy rostering alternative tools to oversee those responsibilities. A proper program must be perfectly planned, accurate, and digestible. To make matters even more complicated, this kind of data is usually prepared once every week, maybe even more often for businesses that work many shifts. It’s time-consuming, to say the least. 

This is why online mockup providers like Mediamodifier are used – to make employee scheduling more presentable and digestible. It all starts with creating a 24/7 shift schedule that’s clear and presentable. With a good plan ready, businesses can manage their employees more effectively. This also ensures that no misunderstandings or mistakes are made in scheduling.

The businesses that need online mockups the most are the ones that regularly send out schedules to their teams, such as 24-hour businesses. These companies already struggle with adequately delegating tasks to large groups of employees to work around the clock. Monitoring employees is much more necessary and crucial for them than for other smaller businesses.

We are talking about companies like hotels, 24/7 restaurants, stores that work around the clock, security services, retirement homes, and pharmacies. Such companies need to handle not one or two but three shifts under a no-break schedule. Tools like an online mockup creator can visualize the tasks for the days that follow and provide guidelines clearly. 

2. Mockups for targeted emails

Mediamodifier’s mockup templates can help you create anything from a crafty newsletter to a mockup for an upcoming product. With proper segmentation of your email audience, you can use mockups for targeted email marketing. Basically, you’d be using Flodesk to segment your audience based on their purchases, wish lists, and other preferences. Then, you can create a mockup for a product that would appeal to them and send them a personalized message that converts. 

Using targeted email marketing software is a successful strategy because it allows you to send relevant content to subscribers. As a result, people are much more likely to click on an email and purchase from a brand that offers them recommendations based on their preferences. In fact, 91% of people will choose a business that knows what they prefer and offers them something they’d like. 

Incorporating targeted approaches into your email campaigns is one of the best email marketing practices, ensuring that your messages resonate with your audience and foster stronger connections, ultimately driving engagement and conversions. 

3. Mockups for preorder campaigns

One other way to make people feel special about your business is to offer them a peek into what your company will provide in the future. For your frequent customers, you can create announcements for future products and add a mockup to the message to give them a chance to visualize them. When you send such messages, also consider setting a text alert.

Mockups can work perfectly in combination with preorder campaigns. Preorder advertising campaigns are a great way to build excitement for your new product release. They also help make connections with your best consumers. By offering them first grabs, you show them you appreciate their loyalty. 

Here is how Apple introduced its iPhone 14:

A preorder email can build up quite a hype among your existing customers even when the product hasn’t hit the shelves just yet. However, it will also give you an insight into the demand, an important piece of data to help you make smarter decisions.

When you send such emails, you can learn how many people would be willing to buy your new product. In addition, you can get feedback on what needs to be improved. You can also learn the ideal price before you put it on the market. 

If you just tell your audience about your new product or service, they won’t quite know what you’re offering. A good mockup can fill in the gaps. Your audience can see a visualization of the product and make a preorder or give you feedback. 

If you decide to do this, make sure to note in your emails that the visual is a mockup of the product and that you might make some changes before it gets on the shelves. 

4. Mockups for testing your product design or label

The best way to see if your audience will like a new product or labeling is actually to ask them about it! Customers love to be included in the decision-making process. It shows them you value their opinion, and it tells you if your design idea is good. 

Use this as an opportunity to do a test. For instance, you can send your email list a choice between two impressive labels for your new product. Then, ask them: which one do you like more?

The results will show you which label will be better rated by your audience and attract more sales. 


It doesn’t even have to be a questionnaire or a test for a new product. For example, let’s say you want to make some changes to freshen your company’s logo. Do a few mockups, pick your favorite, and send the choices to your customers’ inboxes. Let them choose.

5. Mockups for a stronger brand image

Online mockups can show your potential customers what the product will look like, but they can do more than that. Depending on what your product offers, you can also give your customers a sneak peek into its benefits and features.

Let’s say your company offers software programs or tools. A mockup can virtually show them how the tool will work. In addition, it can promote the product’s best features and allow users to test them out before the product is live and ready for purchase. 

If you do this, the audience will be more trusting when the actual product is ready for sale. 

Remember – mockups can come in many forms. For example, you can create a mockup of your physical product, such as a book or a t-shirt. Alternatively, you can do an interface mockup to showcase your software product or create a mockup of your new app or website. 

All of these can take part in your email newsletter or your new B2B email marketing program. You can showcase your products in various scenarios, too. For instance, if you sell t-shirts, you can send customers a mockup of a person wearing the t-shirt to see how it would look. 

Have you used online mockups in your emails before?

Online mockups are a great chance to save on costly edits after a new product release. They are great to show to investors, too. But, one of the most successful uses of mockups is to show them to your customers. Whether it is to brag about a new product, test their interest, or build their trust, mockups can make your email marketing much more successful. 

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