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  • 15 Best Free Handwriting Fonts

    Fonts play an important role in a brand’s typography design, but choosing the the best handwriting font can be tricky. Post summary: What is a handwriting font? Top Google handwriting fonts Other free best handwriting fonts Concerning web fonts, should you use a Google handwriting font, more adept for web text and design? How do […]

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  • Shopify Image Sizes – How To Make Them Picture Perfect

    If you run an online store, then images are the window to your products.  If they are not clear and exciting, then potential customers will walk on. It’s the same with Shopify images. If they don’t look great, viewers will bounce off the page. Post summary: Ideal Shopify image sizes Shopify image file formats Shopify […]

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  • Which colors work best for social media images?

    Standing out on social media will decide whether a follower or consumer engages with your brand. Color is one such tool that can be used to make our posts more noticeable in our social media feeds. Regarding social media, telling what works can always be problematic.  What appeals to one person may turn off another, […]

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  • Mockup Generator Comparisons | Smartmockups, Placeit, Printful, Mediamodifier

    Post summary: What is a mockup generator? Smartmockups, Placeit, Mediamodifier or Printful? Main differences between them Using video and imagery to sell a brand is evident. Businesses and influencers cannot ignore that having first-class visual content is imperative for their brand, to reach more of their target audiences.  Having the best visual content means producing […]

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  • Design Template Comparisons | Canva, Crello, Snappa, Mediamodifier

    Summary: What is a design template? Canva, Crello, Snappa or Mediamodifier? Main differences between them Good design is critical for businesses, but not everyone can afford to hire a graphic designer or an in-house design team. Design templates remove any complicated design steps, even equipping the most amateur graphic designer, marketer, or brand influencer to […]

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  • Is Byte the new Vine or is it TikTok all the way?

    Will Byte live up to be Vine’s replacement, or is it all about Tik Tok? It was a dark day in 2016 when Twitter stated it was closing down Vine, the 6-second video-looping social media app.  Vine became a hub for micro-video memes, producing a generation of young Vine stars with its potential for easy […]

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  • Facebook 3D Photos – Good for brands or a hindrance?

    With over 1.66 billion active daily users and growing, Facebook is continually searching for new and exciting ways to keep our NewsFeed’s fresh and appealing.  Simultaneously, with 7 million+ active advertisers on its platform, Facebook must persist with developing new tools and features to promote brands.  Enter Facebook’s 3D photo feature. Post summary: What are […]

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  • Instagram IGTV – fad or here to stay?

    With more than 1 billion monthly active users and at least 200 million users visiting at least one business account daily, it is safe to argue that Instagram is a huge marketing tool for businesses. But what about Instagram IGTV?  Is it the latest tool in Instagram’s armory of marketing tools or will it die […]

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