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  • 30 Instagram Post Ideas That You Can Use Right Now (With Templates)

    Instagram algorithms suggest you should post 3-7x a week. That’s an immense amount of content to have to come up with! If you’re looking for some ideas or just a change from your regular feed, here are 30 Instagram post ideas for everything from quotes to engaging games. All post ideas are complimented with fully […]

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  • 32 Spooky Halloween Design Templates for Social Media

    Halloween marks the beginning of an epic sales period lasting well into the beginning of the new year. You have Black Friday, Thanksgiving, Cyber Monday and Christmas following the spooky October holiday. Attention from a well-organized Halloween special or campaign can get the snowball rolling and mark the beginning of a great sales period! You’ll […]

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  • 20 Most Popular Podcast Cover Templates

    Podcasts are an incredibly powerful medium and their popularity is only growing! According to Spotify, more than 25% of their listeners globally listen to podcasts regularly. And that’s just one podcast platform. By now, there’s a podcast for anything and there seems to always be room for new entrants. As long as you market and […]

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  • 15 Most Popular Business Card Design Templates

    After over 1.5 years of working from home, people are starting to return to offices and head to meetings. Especially for realtors, artists, graphic designers, programmers and bankers. This means that the demand for business cards is also rising again. It’s time to refresh your old business card with a new look that follows the […]

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  • 19 Most Popular Onesie Baby Bodysuit Mockups

    Statistically, September is the most popular birthday month, which means the baby season is just around the corner. Whether you’re designing an adorable onesie for your newborn or are thinking about adding some designs to your store, use these baby bodysuit mockups to showcase your products. Here are Mediamodifier’s top 20 onesie baby bodysuit mockups. […]

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  • How to Upload a Twitch Banner + 10 Banner Templates

    Since its inception in 2011, Twitch has become the biggest video game live streaming platform. Not only video games, but it also offers music broadcasts, creative content, and more recently, “in real life” streams. As of 2021, twitch has close to 10 million users. With the increased number of users every day, the future of […]

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  • 5 Awesome To-Go Coffee Cup Mockups

    If you are planning to start a coffee shop business or simply wish to revamp your existing logo, your new design needs to be able to fit your products and merchandise effectively. This list will present some of Mediamodifier’s to-go coffee cup mockups, so you can easily envision what your new cups would look like. […]

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  • The Best Mockup Generator for Etsy Sellers

    If you are selling your products in places such as Etsy, you have most likely quickly realized that marketing is almost as important as the quality of the goods you are offering.¬†Especially important are the Etsy mockups you preview in your store. If your sales are stuck in a plateau, or you want to dedicate […]

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  • 15 LinkedIn Post Templates That Look Professional

    LinkedIn is the biggest professional social networking site in the world with 722 million members in 2021! It’s the place to be to grow your network and position yourself as an expert opinion leader in your sector. Whether you’re hiring, looking for a job, promoting an event or sharing insights, here are LinkedIn post templates […]

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  • 10 Fun Easter Greeting Card Templates

    Easter is an important Christian holiday celebrating the resurrection of Jesus three days after he was crucified. In 2021, Good Friday falls on April 2 and Easter Sunday is on April 4. Here are 10 Easter greeting card templates you can send to your friends and family to celebrate the miracle! Did you know that […]

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