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  • How to Use an Online Invoice to Maximize Your Efficiency (+ 10 Templates)

    Entrepreneurship is difficult. You have to take care of every little nitty-gritty detail of your business from idea to invoice. When you are putting so much effort into your business, losing any payment can be heartbreaking. That’s why it’s important as an entrepreneur to understand the details of commercial documents, for example, invoices. What is […]

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  • 12 Best Album Cover Designs to Promote Your Music

    Music is the sound of the soul. Singing a song is dated back to the beginning of human history. It has also turned into a trillion-dollar industry nowadays. Whether to dance to a tune, relaxing or going out for a jog, music is everywhere. Tons of musicians are making their debut each day. That’s why […]

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  • How to Create Your Own Certificate Online

    The world is changing. Whereas in-person business meetings were one of the major costs for all corporations, that has shifted to different kinds of conference calls such as zoom, Microsoft Teams, or google meat. Also, there is also the impact of Covid 19. Due to pandemics, many of the regular workers are currently doing their […]

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  • 5 Things You Need to Know Before Making a Business Card

    We’ve all have seen or heard about it – whenever you are doing business with Japanese Businessmen, they bow down and present their business cards with the utmost importance… In Japanese culture, this is known as “Meishi Koukan” and it’s considered to be a formal introduction to a person. Business card is the first impression […]

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  • 3 Amazing Illustrators You Should Follow on TikTok

    Tiktok has taken the world by storm! You can scroll through millions of videos and follow your favorite artists as the app has become a viral sensation among a new generation of content creators! Although infamous for short and goofy dance videos, there is also some amazing and educational content in TikTok – you just […]

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  • Editing the Background Image and Color in Mediamodifier

    No matter what design you are working on, you are probably using a background image to highlight and illustrate your ideas. A strong background picture or color can help you to emphasize your message and luckily Mediamodifier has a feature-rich background editor! Add any color of your choice, any image or set the transparency – […]

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  • Editing Text in Mediamodifier

    A picture can say a 1000 words… however sometimes it’s just better to say what you need with written text! Here’s a quick overview of all the available text editing options in the Mediamodifier Free Design Maker which will help you add a beautiful typographical element to your design: Let’s jump into each of these […]

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  • Editing Images in Mediamodifier

    With the Mediamodifier Free Design Editor, you can easily edit your pictures and add various effects to your photos. You can directly use free stock photos from our partner and upload pictures from your workstation or mobile device. Supported image formats: JPG, PNG, SVG, WEBP, PDF. Once uploaded, you can use our image editing […]

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