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  • Desktop Instagram Post with Olympic Themed Template

    Desktop Instagram Post with Olympic Themed Template features Instagram post mockup, for previewing how a post or social media ad would look like on the Instagram Desktop website. Use this mockup template. Source:

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  • How to Download an Image from Instagram

    It’s almost 11 years since the birth of Instagram, yet one of the top questions about it (in our opinion, of course) is: how do you download an image from Instagram? With almost 1,000 photos uploaded every second, it’s no surprise that many are wondering about this. Hence, we put together this guide to teach […]

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  • How to Create a Fake Instagram Profile

    If “a picture speaks a thousand words”, then Instagram as a social media platform sure speaks a volume. However, while Instagram is picture-heavy, it doesn’t let you visualize your profile unless you make it live and private so others don’t see what you’re doing just yet. As it’s useful, possibly even key for Instagram, to […]

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  • 10 Ways to Make Your Instagram Photos Stand Out

    The number of photos and videos uploaded to Instagram per day exceeds 100 million. So it’s not a big surprise that competition among content creators is intense. Due to the large amounts of content available, Instagram users are getting picky. They do not pay much attention to ordinary pictures. They are looking for one-of-a-kind catchy […]

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  • Instagram IGTV – fad or here to stay?

    With more than 1 billion monthly active users and at least 200 million users visiting at least one business account daily, it is safe to argue that Instagram is a huge marketing tool for businesses. But what about Instagram IGTV?  Is it the latest tool in Instagram’s armory of marketing tools or will it die […]

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