10 Inspiring Instagram Video Post Ideas for All Businesses

October 20th 2023
10 minute read

Have you ever thought about Instagram video post ideas for your business? For businesses who hope for the attention of the same audience, it has become crucial to find Instagram video post ideas that work best for their potential customers.

With over 2 billion monthly active users, Instagram is among the most popular social media platforms, so the competition is high here. It also has a strong focus on visual content, so it’s no wonder that more often than not, businesses want to create amazing Instagram posts for their feeds.

Although it’s important to pay attention to the visuals, it’s not enough to grab the attention of your audience and keep them engaged. Long gone are the days when Instagram was a photo-sharing app. People crave video content more than ever, so Instagram videos are gaining in popularity, too.

Not sure if your business needs Instagram videos? Keep on reading the post. 

The Importance of Instagram Video Post Ideas for Business Growth

High-quality Instagram videos can quickly turn your social media marketing efforts around. This is more so when you post the videos at the right time and employ measures like captions to make them more accessible even without sound. You should also use relevant hashtags for improved discoverability and quickly grow a community around your content and brand. Among the top reasons Instagram videos are vital for your business growth include:

  • People are interested in video content: Video content continues to be a favorite among many social media users. Videos are more fun than blocks of text that have dominated the landscape for years, so it’s no wonder that 91% of Instagram users watch videos weekly. Using Instagram video content guarantees you’ll reach a wider audience, capture their attention, and drive more traffic to your business.
  • Businesses can achieve their goals faster with dynamic content: Modern social media users prefer video content. As such, using Instagram videos lets you easily reach and engage more users, which improves lead generation, conversion, and satisfaction rates. It is a perfect way to supercharge your social media marketing strategy and realize your business goals. Here’s an infographic that proves it.
instagram video post ideas
  • Instagram videos keep the audience engaged: Video content is more engaging. People interact with videos more, which provides enough room to tell them about your business and tip them in your favor. Moreover, quality videos are sharable, which lets you improve follower growth and leverage loyal followers to reach a broader audience as they expose your content to more users. The higher engagement rates translate to more leads, which can improve sales.

Including Instagram video content in your marketing is a must, considering the notable contributions that can fast-track your business growth. Moreover, the modern market offers a great variety of video editing apps, so it doesn’t take much time or effort to create Instagram videos.

 So, how do you go about it? Here are ten Instagram post video ideas to set you on the right track.

1. Behind-the-Scenes Videos

Behind-the-scenes videos are among the most engaging content on Instagram. Although these videos don’t require much time or effort, they create trust and boost engagement which can bring your business to the next level.

They help the audience connect better with your business. You can use the videos to give the audience a glimpse of your office, employees in their natural setting, and processes like product development. These videos let you connect with the audience on a deeper level, fostering customer loyalty, which is critical for long-term success.

Even big B2B brands like Microsoft leverage the power of behind-the-scenes videos to create a deeper connection with followers. Check out an example below: 

2. Collection Lookbook

Static images are not as engaging as videos. Moreover, Instagram algorithm tends to favor videos, which means they are likely to appear on more people’s feeds than images. Collection lookbook lets you get the most out of the photos without sacrificing the Instagram feed design

How? You can turn lookbook images into a dynamic video that shows off your collection, just like H&M did:

What is more, they provide a more dynamic way to showcase your business in a way users will engage more with and understand. This is more so by organizing the Instagram posts into collections that let users easily browse related content. Styling together the pieces helps you create a great teaser that can excite the users enough to make them interested in your products and become active buyers.

3. Product Announcement Videos

How can you best tease your followers about upcoming products or new features? The answer is video content. Instagram videos can help you build anticipation to keep users glued to your business waiting for the new release. When you finally release the new product, you’ll generate excitement and buzz around your business enough to blow your sales through the roof.

Apple knows how to create excitement for its products, so the company uploads product announcement videos that spread fast:

You can take this a notch higher by including contests and giveaways. For example, you can ask the users to share the videos for a chance to win the new product or gain early/exclusive access to certain features. This helps expand your reach, grow your Instagram follower base, and secure more sales.

4. Video Ad Campaigns

Instagram ads are a great way to promote your brand, which is much more productive when you use videos over text and images. Videos offer a more informative and dynamic way to convey your brand’s value. The trick here is to keep them short to the point. Ensure you use high-quality audio, visuals, text captions, and a clear call to action.

Here’s a great example of this strategy from a haircare brand Prose:

You’ll quickly reach a wider audience with such an Instagram video ad. This is more so with targeted ads. Instagram lets you target ads to specific user personas. This can be based on their interest, demographics, or behaviors, among other criteria. This helps you reach users who are more likely interested in your business and what it offers.

5. Explainer or How-to Videos

Explaining complex aspects like how to use a product effectively is a great Instagram video idea. You provide the audience with helpful content they need to get the best value for their money. How-to videos also save users time. The videos make your brand a go-to resource, translating to more and repeat traffic to your channel. This makes accumulating more followers, generating leads, and converting them into active buyers easier.

Once Mailchimp rolled out new email templates, the company made an explainer video for its Instagram profile to educate potential customers on how to make good use of it:

6. Video Customer Testimonials

Social proof is at the heart of successful online businesses. Reviews and ratings help boost your reputation, which video testimonials take to the next level. Video testimonials are much like word-of-mouth recommendations. While the videos may not be professionally shot and directed, they offer the social proof Instagram users need to trust your business. Video testimonials help build credibility and trust that can drive more long-term business your way. 

Video customer testimonials give other potential customers a solid reason to choose you over other competitors in your niche, so it’s worth investing time and effort.

7. Stop Motion Videos

Stop-motion video content entails creatively stitching still images together to develop an illusion of movement. Stop-motion videos are catchy, more engaging, and especially effective for your Instagram stories. Making stop-motion videos is fun and provides a playful way to enrich your Instagram content and showcase your brand’s story, personality, and products. M&M’s knows how to engage its audience with stop-motion videos:

Stop motion videos are no different from any other video content when it comes to a plot. So, carefully consider the idea and develop a story that will captivate your audience. If you find it challenging to create something on your own, consider using an AI story generator based on a prompt or hiring a content creation agency.

8. Fan-Made Videos

Loyal fans are an invaluable resource that can help take your social proof to the next level. You can easily get the fans to make content around your brand, such as sharing unboxing experiences when they receive your products. They can also make video content using your products, which is more effective than ads. Fan-made videos build credibility and help you organically grow an extensive Instagram community loaded with qualified leads.  

For instance, Starbucks gets hundreds of user-generated content and it makes good use of it, reposting the best ones to the profile. 

Not only do authors get recognition from their favorite brand, but also Starbucks has a chance to save time and energy on creating content. Win-win!

9. Animated Videos

You can explore diverse animation techniques to bring graphics and/or still images to life for your Instagram video content. You can develop animated video content with complex motion graphics or simple transition techniques. This is from stop-motion animation, GIFs, and motion graphics.

Check out this example from Skittles:

You can spice up the animated videos with music/sound effects and add captions to make them easier to consume especially if you make good use of animation tools. Relevant hashtags are also essential to ensure you reach a wider audience. Animated videos are a great addition to your branding efforts. This is because you can creatively incorporate logos, brand colors, and graphics in the videos to leverage the dynamic content in making your business memorable.

10. Influencer Endorsements

Influencer partnerships are among the must-explore Instagram marketing strategies. Some influencers have a massive following. This means their endorsements drive considerable traffic to your business, which you can easily concert.

As a result, social media influencer marketing is getting popular among businesses. 

Plus, influencers have a notable influence over their followers. A positive word about your brand could be enough to deliver massive sales your way. Nonetheless, you must be smart when picking influencers. Some have a negative reputation, which could hurt your brand’s image. 

Lulus has its campaign for social media influencers who want to become brand advocates and it’s gaining in popularity among fashion opinion leaders.


We trust that these Instagram video post ideas will prove invaluable! Instagram, being a predominantly visual social media platform, places a premium on eye-catching content. To truly stand out and captivate your audience, it’s essential to explore a diverse range of video concepts.

By creating dynamic and compelling video content, you’ll not only distinguish your brand but also forge deeper connections with your viewers. This deeper engagement is a catalyst for encouraging desirable user actions, such as making a purchase or visiting your website. Furthermore, it’s a pathway to amassing a substantial following and fostering increased audience interactions, thereby bolstering your brand’s credibility. With a more devoted Instagram following, you can expedite your business’s growth, fulfilling the dream of every entrepreneur.

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