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  • 11 Most Important Social Media Updates of October 2021

    Social media is ever-evolving and new updates emerge like mushrooms after rain. Keeping an eye on new features and making the most of them before everyone else does can give you an advantage as a marketer.  Here are 10 of the most important social media updates for small business owners including Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, […]

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  • 10 Post Ideas for Social Media in October

    We’re a tiny bit biased towards October because it’s when Halloween happens! That and more, it’s time for our monthly roundup of what you can share with your audience on social media in October. One of our aims is to help you create world-class visual assets for your marketing. Let’s get started with our month-long […]

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  • 10 Post Ideas for Social Media in August 2022

    Welcome to the August 2021 article of our “What to post on social media” series! At Mediamodifier, we are all about helping our audience of marketers, designers and anyone who needs to do a design simply to do their work better. That’s one of the many reasons why we created our mockup generator with simple, […]

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  • 10 Post Ideas for Social Media in July 2022

    As creators of a design maker and mockup generator with simple, editable drag-and-drop templates, we’re always up for helping our audience: marketers, designers and anyone who needs a design! That’s why we started sharing our monthly social media ideas along with corresponding templates so you can have it all at one place at MediaModifier. Ready […]

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  • Use These 7 Social Media Hacks to Grow Your Following

    4.2 billion people use social media actively. That’s more than half the population! The competition to get attention is fierce if you want to grow your following, but thankfully there are some proven social media hacks that can help you achieve your goals.  1. Use alt text on your pictures It might seem weird, but […]

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  • 10 Post Ideas for Social Media in June 2022

    At MediaModifier, a big part of what we do is helping marketers, designers, and pretty much everyone to do their work better with our mockup generator, design maker and editable drag-and-drop templates! This June, we’ve found some exciting happenings for your social media postings. NB: Each template is customizable to the size of the social […]

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  • 10 Post Ideas for Social Media in May 2022

    What should you post for social media in May? Us here at MediaModifier are here to help you! We aim to constantly help marketers, designers, and pretty much everyone to do their work better with our mockup generator and design maker. That’s why we’ve started a series on what to post on social media each […]

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  • How to use visual storytelling to better reach your audience

    Reportedly, 46 billion pieces of content are produced every day. This is happening at the same time as our attention span has lowered to 8 seconds. Besides, there is no doubt that users consume content differently with every year that passes. One of the biggest mistakes brands can make is failing to adapt to the […]

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  • How to Easily Create Shareable Content for Social Media

    Why do we create social media content? We want to deliver a specific message to a wide audience. We want to get our brand noticed. We want to get heard. Unfortunately, it happens pretty often that we create great (in our opinion) content but achieve no positive results. We get no likes, no comments, and […]

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