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  • Spring Sale: Mediamodifier PRO Annual Plan Now 50% Off!

    Mediamodifier sale alert! Have you been planning to upgrade your subscription, but something was holding you back? We have a rather compelling sale that might convince you! With our spring offer, you can now get -50% off the Mediamodifier PRO annual subscription plan, without needing a coupon or sale code. There is only one catch: […]

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  • Introducing the New Mediamodifier Website

    Perhaps you’ve noticed it already, but your favorite design tool got a facelift! Our brand new Mediamodifier website comes with exciting colors, a smoother user experience, and fun new features.  Why the change? We always felt that our old look did not fully represent what we do. In some ways, the old website was rather […]

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  • Meet the Top 3 Designers from the MMxTwine Design Competition

    At the beginning of October, we hosted a design competition together with Twine. To enter, designers had to post a visual using one of Mediamodifier’s mockups and tag us #MMxTwine. Winners were chosen on November 11th based on the number of likes they received on their photos on Instagram.  After the competition, we had a […]

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  • 17 Most Popular Apple Watch Mockups

    Apple Watches are dominating the smartwatch market. In fact, the Apple Watch Series 6 is by far the most popular smartwatch model. So it only makes sense that new apps be available on the smartwatch as well, especially when it comes to fitness, travel or productivity. If you’re designing an app for the Apple Watch, […]

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  • New Feature: Asset Library for Mockups and Designs

    Today we’re super excited to release a new feature for our Mockup and Design tool – Asset Library. Forget about searching for your commonly used pictures… each image you insert into a mockup or design template will be automatically saved into your asset library on the background, so you don’t have to take any extra […]

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  • Creativity Conversations: Helen Kokk

    How Helen Kokk, award-winning product designer, uses a designer approach to lead her decision-making — at work and in life. There’s an undeniable energy that Helen Kokk brings into a room. Her confidence and drive make it obvious that she’s a professional, while her friendly demeanor creates a comfortable environment to ask questions. In other […]

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  • How to Fix a Frozen Screen on Mediamodifier

    We sometimes get asked “HELP! My screen froze while I was creating a design. What do I do?” Screen freezing problems won’t go anywhere so here’s how you fix the situation.   First of all, stay calm!  A frozen screen most likely means that for some reason your computer together with our software could not handle […]

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  • Creativity Conversations: Alari Orav and Uku-Kristjan Küttis

    Finding purpose in design with the founders of AKU — an award-winning design agency  Founding and operating an award-winning agency takes more than just good ideas and hoping for the best. Alari Orav and Uku-Kristjan Küttis started AKU in 2012 and have since paved the way to success and recognition. They have worked with clients […]

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  • How to Upload a Twitch Banner + 10 Banner Templates

    Since its inception in 2011, Twitch has become the biggest video game live streaming platform. Not only video games, but it also offers music broadcasts, creative content, and more recently, “in real life” streams. As of 2021, twitch has close to 10 million users. With the increased number of users every day, the future of […]

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  • How to Use Photoshop Super Resolution Image Enlarger

    We all know that when you make a small image bigger using Photoshop then the result is a blurry and pixelated photo… Sure, it’s bigger by the pixel dimensions, but the quality is still low. Fortunately, the brilliant minds at Adobe were well aware of this problem and now developed a tool called “Super Resolution” […]

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  • 5 Hacks to Flourish Your Digital Marketing Campaigns in 2021

    Digital marketing is a fast-evolving field. Technologies move like the wind, search engines launch updates every second month, and customer interests and behavior are hard to predict. In 2021, when most brands chase innovations, you can’t stand on the sidelines. The same old methods for your digital marketing campaigns won’t work forever. For your business […]

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  • What it Means to be a Designer. And How You Can Be a Better One

    Product and Interaction Designer Amid Moradganjeh shares his take on designing. We’re all designers. When we think about and create ways to solve our problems, or those of others, we’re in designer mode. That means as business owners, creatives, or service providers, we’re constantly designing because we’re taking actions to make our audience—our clients—have positive […]

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